The tools your preteen needs to be more confident, more prepared and less stressed as they navigate life… all for the price of a fancy pair of sneakers.


Parents, if conversations about these important topics haven’t exactly come up yet on your drive to soccer practice, let us give you some metaphors and language to run with. And if you’ve already been talking about all the things, let us reinforce your message in a way that only a non-parent can!


"Buy it - every pre-teen in our neighbourhood should be watching this!"

- GUGP Parent

"There are so many things kids need to know about, and it’s not always easy to find ways to start those conversations. GUGP gives you that starting point and makes it so much easier to discuss difficult topics."

- GUGP Parent

"While I have never had a hard time having these types of discussions with my daughter, it was good for her to hear it from someone else too...makes it stick and more real!"

- GUGP Parent

You’re in the right place if you:

✅ Want to stay one step ahead of teen angst,

✅ Have had some great conversations with your preteen and want to reinforce your message,

✅ Find it hard to keep up. (What’s most important to talk about seems to change every 5 minutes!),

✅ Talk to your preteen every chance you get but your message doesn’t always land,

✅ Have felt discouraged by the eye rolls and the “I know, Mom/Dad!”s,

✅ Want to set yourself up for more closeness, more fun, and less tension in your relationship with your soon-to-be teenager.

I’m Saleema Noon. You might already know that I’m a devoted dog mom to our silver lab Jagger, I have a love-hate relationship with running, and in my next life I want to be an interior designer. 

When it comes to work, I’m a sexual health and empowerment educator based in Vancouver, Canada. Many of you have trusted me to teach your kids over the years, and know that I care deeply about supporting them to be healthy, happy and safe.

Can I tell you about the personal reason why I created Growing Up Game Plan?

No amount of education or teaching experience could ever prepare me for the role I took on in 2007...being stepmom to two girls, aged 8 and 11 (now 21 and 24). At first, I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I figured I'd nail it.  But it wasn’t long before I started to feel deflated, especially as the girls inched toward teenager-hood. There were so many important conversations I wanted to have with them, and I did have some success. But still, it was tough to engage them. It never seemed to be the right time. I would go on for too long. And sometimes I know I came across as preachy. 

So I feel you. Parenting is #HARD, especially as our kids get older. We so badly want to support them but engaging them sometimes feels impossible. Growing Up Game Plan will support you in these moments. I designed this masterclass to teach your kids the things we wish we knew in Grade 5. And to support you as a parent in a way that I needed to be supported. Those two things actually fuel every single program I create, and every workshop I teach. 

"The facilitators were great, engaging, funny, sincere, smart, in-tune."

- GUGP Parent

"The parent guides are very helpful in giving you answers to some tricky questions. Topics like pornography were explained and discussed in such a clear and concise manner - those topics would have been hard for me, as a parent, to cover without that introduction to them through the GUGP."

- GUGP Parent

"It was awesome - so happy you're all in the world!"

- GUGP Parent

Ready to help your preteen get their game plan on? 


When your preteen completes this masterclass, they'll be set up to: 

⚡️Be more confident, more prepared, and less stressed about being a teenager,

⚡️Be better armed to make smart decisions,

⚡️Have the information and skills you wish you had when you were their age,

⚡️Celebrate who they really are and feel better about themselves,

⚡️Feel more empowered and capable in life,

⚡️Have the skills to deal with difficult situations that come their way, 

⚡️Know how to stand up for themselves, 

⚡️Have more fun and make smarter decisions online,

⚡️Have healthy relationships in the future,

⚡️Be more accepting and less critical of their body.

And, as a result, you’ll feel:

🕶 Less overwhelmed,

🕶 More empowered in your parenting,

🕶 Relieved that your preteen has heard the messages you want them to hear,

🕶 Grateful for less drama, more harmony, and more fun in your relationship,

🕶 Like you’ve provided them with a fun and valuable learning experience,

🕶 Like this was money SO well spent,

Sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it?!

"The program has great information about being inclusive, understanding stereotypes of gender, celebrating uniqueness and so much more. My daughters are enjoying everything it has to offer."
- GUGP Parent


"I like this video because it connected me when I have trouble with my friends. I liked your strategies as it can help me when those things happen to me."
- GUGP Participant
"The facilitators were great. My daughter thought they were funny and easy to listen to."
- GUGP Parent
"I liked it. It was fun. Saleema Smellypits was so funny and I feel better about my body changing. I also know how to stand up for myself now."
- GUGP Participant

⚡️Growing Up Game Plan⚡️

● A skills-based masterclass for preteens created by experts. Over 20 years experience teaching + collaboration with young people = off the charts quality and fun factor.

● 6 educational modules focused on key aspects of preteen life, preventative and proactive in focus.

 6 comprehensive, concrete Game Plans for each of these 6 aspects to put in their back pocket and refer to as situations come their way. 

● A workbook full of activities built to help them solidify their learning during the course, get to know themselves better and reflect on long after it’s over. 

● Additional engaging and current resources curated by Saleema Noon and her team specifically for GUGP participants: A YouTube playlist, books, podcasts, and websites so youth-friendly and cool that they’ll actually explore them. 

● An extensive parent package featuring Game Plans created just for you, and equally as engaging resources to support you supporting your preteen moving forward.  

● One-year access: Participants will receive one module per week, but can go at their own pace because they’ll have an entire year to complete the course. And there’s no limit to how many kids from one family can benefit from it! Buy it once and use it for as many kids as you like in a year.

Module 1 

SMASHING THE BOXES: Breaking Free from Gender Stereotypes

Your preteen will:

● Analyze gender stereotypes and reflect on the role that gender plays in their own life, identity, and relationships.

● Identify the social and cultural aspects of gender roles, challenge sexism and inequality, and reflect on their own experience.

● Take a look at traditionally masculine and feminine gender roles, the societal expectations placed on them, and how it affects their life.

● Gain a better understanding of the gender spectrum and how it shapes their gender identity.

Module 2

MONSTERS AND SUPERHEROES: Using your Inner Power to Honour, Manage and Express Your Emotions

Your preteen will:

● Identify the wide range of human emotions and learn how to honour, manage, and express them in a healthy way.

● Learn strategies that help them feel good about themselves.

● Describe and identify factors that contribute to self-esteem and healthy body image.

Module 3

STANDING UP: Being Assertive in even the Toughest Situations

Your preteen will:

● Learn assertiveness skills to use in response to bullying, discrimination, and peer pressure.

● Identify different types of power and learn how to hold on to theirs.

● Be equipped with strategies for responding to unsafe, uncomfortable, and abusive situations.

Module 4


Your preteen will:

● Learn what consent looks and sounds like, and the laws surrounding it.

● Practice how to express boundaries in a healthy relationship.

● Identify the characteristics of both healthy and unhealthy relationships, and those most in line with their personal values (ones that have Honesty Equality, Respect and Integrity)

● Recognize the warning signs of unhealthy or abusive situations.

● Learn strategies for communicating effectively and for making informed decisions in their personal relationships. 

Module 5

PUBERTY: Understanding It, Rolling with It, Celebrating your Body

Your preteen will:

● Review the physical and emotional changes that happen, and hear answers to the most common questions asked by their peers.

● Explore strategies for coming to terms with physical, emotional, and social changes.

● Consider how puberty affects their emotions and relationships.

● Examine the possible negative effects of puberty on body image and learn coping strategies to lessen the impact. 

Module 6

INTERNET LIFE: Having Fun and Staying Safe Online

Your preteen will:

● Identify strategies for staying safe and anonymous online.

● Identify strategies for avoiding and/or responding to potentially unsafe, abusive, or exploitative situations.

● Determine how to respond to cyberbullying and discrimination by being a responsible bystander and reaching out to a trusted adult for help when needed.

● Consider social media content around body image, sexualization, and gender stereotypes; and its impact, both positive and negative, on their self image, their relationships, and their mental health.  

● Learn to think critically about what they see and watch online, including pornography and sexualized images. 

● Explore what smart decision making looks like. They will identify healthy online habits, how what they post can have long term impacts, and the importance of maintaining balance in their online vs. offline lives.

But wait! Parents, we got you, too. Join us for a FREE online workshop! 

Saleema will offer you a game plan for supporting your preteen around the top 3 things they tell us they struggle with most.

Managing Social Media

How it impacts their self-esteem, their friendships, and their relationship with you.

Coping with Body Changes

Puberty, and how this affects body image.


How to stand up for themselves in tough situations.


Here's the thing: I know from my own struggles— being bullied and the resulting shaky self-confidence despite parents who tried their best to support me— how difficult growing up can be.

And I also know (as I emerge from the teenage trenches with my pretty awesome young adult stepdaughters) how darn difficult parenting can be. 

Whether they’re sailing through life pretty smoothly or struggling like many other kids their age, there’s no such thing as a preteen having too much information or too many skills. Growing Up Game Plan is an investment in your preteen’s well-being and your relationship with them.  A hilarious, engaging and super fun one, I might add. 

Still not sure? That’s OK, I’m just impressed you’ve read this far! And if you decide not to purchase this course for your preteen at this time, that’s ok too. I will continue to support you to have meaningful conversations with your kids through our in-person (someday!) workshops and social media. I’m not going anywhere. What I know is that, just by being here, you want the best for your preteen. You want them to feel confident, make smart decisions, and not only be prepared but feel excited about growing up. Whether it’s with or without Growing Up Game Plan, I believe in you. You’ll make it happen. Should you choose to register, though, I just know you’ll both be so happy you did. And I’d be honoured that you trust me and my team to help you and your preteen to get your game plan on. 

All my best,