$36.75 CAD

6 monthly payments

GUGP 2023 Monthly Payment (with bonuses)

Wahoo! Here's what's comin' to your inbox starting March 1:


  • A skills-based masterclass for preteens created by experts. Over 20 years experience teaching + collaboration with young people = off the charts quality and fun factor.
  • 6 educational modules focused on key aspects of preteen life, preventative and proactive in focus.
  • 6 comprehensive, concrete Game Plans for each of these 6 aspects to put in their back pocket and refer to as situations come their way. 
  • A workbook (99 pages!) full of activities built to help them solidify their learning during the course, get to know themselves better and reflect on long after it’s over. 
  • Additional engaging and current resources curated by Saleema Noon and her team specifically for GUGP participants: A YouTube playlist, books, podcasts, and websites so youth-friendly and cool that they’ll actually explore them. 
  • An extensive parent package featuring Game Plans created just for you, and equally as engaging resources to support you supporting your preteen moving forward.  
  • One-year access: Participants will receive one module per week, but can go at their own pace because they’ll have an entire year to complete the course. And there’s no limit to how many kids from one family can benefit from it! Buy it once and use it for as many kids as you like in a year.

PLUS, these awesome bonuses:

  • 🌟BONUS 01 → The Smart Things to Say Survival Guide: The Ultimate Toolkit For Having Meaningful Conversations With Your Kids
  • 100+ pages of my best insight on everything from teaching consent and explaining periods to staying safe on Snapchat and thinking critically about pornography. And everything in between.
  • 🌟BONUS 02 → GUGP x Grit Vancouver Bonus Module — A Game Plan for Managing Anxiety: Brain Health and Mindful Meditation
  • 🌟BONUS 03 → GUGP x Out In Schools Bonus Module —A Game Plan for Exploring Masculinity: Breaking Down Stereotypes and Honoring Identities