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“What a great springboard for our daughter to bring up questions!”

We loved watching the videos with our daughter this weekend. What a great springboard for her to bring up questions and have healthy conversations with us. We also love the language you use to destigmatize words for body parts...

- Parent

“My son said how much fun it was…”

Fully impressed with the age appropriate approach Saleema uses to teach children of all ages about body safety and science. My son said how much fun it was and we had a nice in depth discussion about the subject matter. I was very surprised with how much information he retained. 

- Parent

Hi! I’m Saleema Noon — your new partner in helping your child to be informed, comfortable and empowered in their body.

If your experience was anything like mine, sex education growing up was, well, kind of a joke.

I vividly remember:

🤔 Watching a filmstrip about puberty in Grade 5 (yup, that’s how old I am)

🤔 Pictures of “sanitary napkins” (it only took me a couple of years to figure out those were pads)

🤔 Tons of diagrams, big words and the deep voice of the narrator filling the gym as we watched with part horror and part fascination

I remember there being so much mystery in the air — and, of course, lots of chatter on the playground at recess after. Most of all, though, I remember having SO MANY QUESTIONS that weren’t really answered the way I’d hoped as I moved through high school. 

That’s probably why, many years later, my 90s hair and I (see left) signed up for a Human Sexuality course on a whim at UBC (while studying to be a teacher). 

I won’t bore you with the details but, long story short: I decided to do my Masters in Family Studies, specializing in sexual health education. 

This journey has led me to:
  • Connecting with legendary sex educator Meg Hickling, who mentored me to carry on her work teaching Body Science in schools after she retired
  • Writing Talk Sex Today, a book for parents on what to teach their kids and when
  • Being inducted into The Order of British Columbia in recognition of  my work
  • Using my 25 years of expertise and teaching experience to turn my in-person Body Science curriculum into an online platform, Body Science Online

And of course, supporting parents like you!

Our Mission:

To help kids live healthier, happier, safer lives by providing them with the information and skills they need to make smart decisions about their sexual health. We empower kids with the information and skills they need. We support parents in having open, honest, meaningful conversations with their kids about important topics.

Our Mantra:

  • Knowledge: Information and skills before you even need them. 
  • Respect: Scientific questions deserve honest answers. 
  • Trust: A safe place to discuss hard stuff. 
  • Inclusivity: We hear you, we see you, we celebrate you. 
  • Fun: Lots of laughs along the way.

Parents Workshop

(4 videos, total 26 minutes)

✓ Three good reasons to teach sexual health at a young age
✓ Tips for fostering meaningful conversations with kids
✓ The goal: creating a sexually mature society
✓ Answers to the most common questions parents ask

Preschool-Grade 1 Workshop

(6 videos, total 26 minutes)

✓ The three private parts of the body: mouth, breasts, and genitals
✓ That they have ownership of their bodies (basics of consent)
✓ The scientific words related to anatomy and reproduction (i.e. vulva, penis, testicles, vagina, urethra,
anus, uterus)
✓ That reproduction happens when a sperm joins an egg, usually (but not always) through sexual intercourse
✓ That the baby grows in the uterus (not the stomach)
✓ That the baby is usually born through the vagina
✓ That families are formed in different ways and are all unique
✓ Not to pick up condoms or needles


Grades 2-3 Workshop

(7 videos, total 34 minutes)

Everything previous grades have learned, plus:
✓ The basics about periods and wet dreams as healthy puberty changes.
✓ Answers to the most common questions asked by students in these grades

Grades 4-5 Workshop

(7 videos, total 64 minutes)

Everything previous grades have learned, plus:
✓ More about gender identity and the language we use to express it
✓ The responsibilities that come with the decision to be in a sexual relationship
✓ Basic information about sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
✓ How to respond to homophobic and transphobic language, jokes, and attitudes
✓ All about physical and emotional changes at puberty
✓ Basic assertiveness skills
✓ How to think critically about online sexual content
✓ Answers to the most common questions asked by students in these grades

Grades 6-7 Workshop

(10 videos, total 70 minutes)

Everything the previous age group has learned, plus:
✓ Smart decision making regarding social media, including discussion of cyber-bullying, sexting, and selfies, how to think critically about pornography
✓ More about sexual consent in the context of relationships
✓ How to think critically about gender stereotypes
✓ Characteristics of a healthy relationship
✓ Emotional factors to consider when exploring readiness for a sexual relationship
✓ Different types of sexual activity and possible physical outcomes: STIs (myths, transmission, prevention, testing, and treatment) and pregnancy
✓ That most teens are not sexually active
✓ The importance of taking responsibility of one’s health (for example, testicular self-examinations)
✓ Where to go for confidential support
✓ Answers to the most common questions asked by students in these grades

Get BODY SCIENCE ONLINE today and receive:

⚡️ Access to the entire Body Science Online curriculum
⚡️ My Parents Workshop series
⚡️ Professionally filmed and animated workshops for students Preschool to Grade 7
⚡️ Downloadable and printable resources for parents and student activities
⚡️ Answers to the most commonly asked questions from parents and students at every grade level
⚡️ Written summaries of each video module in both English and Mandarin
⚡️ Ongoing support from me and my team of educators, upon request

“It was fun, educational and I feel SMART!”

Thank you for sharing Body Science with me! I think you are funny. I liked how you talked about wanting to murder your sister with a fork when you had emotions when it was puberty! It was fun and educational and I feel smart.

- Student

"I think all my friends should watch it because it’s fast learning and it’s hilarious!"

I know how to keep my body safe and healthy.  I think all my friends should watch it because it’s fast learning and it’s hilarious!

- Student

Matter-of-fact. Scientific. Fun. Digestible.

Get access to the entire Body Science Online curriculum today!

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“Parents, you’ll wish you did this YEARS ago.”

I cannot recommend this HIGHLY enough! Saleema Noon is a Superhero who has brought her education online. In a relaxed, fun, matter-of-fact way, she gives the most comprehensive overview of body science and sexual health in online classes for children at all ages, and importantly for PARENTS. 
I promise you, when you listen to the Parent Lesson, you will wish you did this years ago. But it's never too late. Thank you, Saleema!

- Parent

“Best investment.”

I would just like to say that it was one of the best investments of my life!!"

- Parent

“We’re already an open family, but this filled us with gratitude!”

I was hesitant to purchase Body Science as we are a very open family already, and have had a great dialogue since my girls were babies on body science. However, I am so filled with gratitude that we added Saleema into our conversations!

- Parent

If you’re thinking — "C'mon, Saleema, do my kids REALLY need to know about all this stuff so early??"

The short answer is YES. And here are three key reasons why:


In my experience, young kids are *very* open to learning about their body (so let’s teach them!), but by grade 4 or 5, they’ve often learned that they should be embarrassed talking about bodies. 

→ The earlier we start, the better we can protect them and support them to make smart decisions based on scientific information.


#Fact: When kids learn about healthy bodies and healthy sexuality from reliable adults, they delay their sexual debut. Teaching kids about sex doesn't make them want to do it-- not having answers to their questions does.

→ When your kids are educated by a reliable adult, they delay sex, engage in less risky behaviors and are at reduced risk for sexual abuse.


Body Science Online teaches kids all about consent. They learn that they're the boss of their body and they say who goes on it. They also learn what to do and what to say when their boundaries aren't respected.

→ When we teach kids about consent early, we set them up to practice it in their future relationships. 


And if you’re still wondering how soon is too soon, I’ll be real:

  • Our kids are capable of absorbing and understanding way more than we think (and sooner than we think). 
  • They will only take in what's interesting or on their radar. (Everything else will go over their head, so there's no such thing as starting too early.) 
  • They’re exposed to much more than we were — at younger and younger ages. (Who knows what a friend's older sibling is telling them?)
  • Receiving scientific information from a reliable adult ISN’T traumatizing. (But misinformation from an unreliable source IS.)

And because we DON’T know how much they know — or when this information is passed on to them…

It’s *so* important to pre-load them with honest, scientific information so that they don’t believe everything they hear. So that they can THINK CRITICALLY. 

When you have Body Science Online in your back pocket, YOU will be that credible, approachable, reliable adult they can count on. 

So if you want to know what to say when:

  • Your kid wants to know exactly how the sperm got to the egg (truth time!)
  • Your kid is enjoying a family movie night with their hands down their pants (how do you talk about masturbation without shaming them?)
  • You find your kid playing "doctor" on a playdate (...not the way you pictured)
  • Your kid wants to know why people moan during sex (now that's a doozie!)
  • You see in your browser history that your kid has been watching porn (how do you even start that conversation?)

Then Body Science Online is the toolkit you need.


“The course was so well done and our son was glued from beginning to end!”

- Parent

“I LOVE the videos I have watched so far with my kids! I feel beyond blessed and privileged to have access to such amazing resources - I hope that one day all kids will have this education, life tools, and emotional armor.”

- Parent

“My ten-year-old asked the other day if she could watch it all over again!”

- Parent

Body Science Online isn’t your typical sex ed. It’s unique because it features:

  • A perfect balance between light-hearted and serious.  Learning life-saving information should *also* be fun. I talk about responsibilities while being sex-positive--not preachy, value-laden, problem-focused or fear-based.
  • Glowing reviews — from kids. Yup, after all these years, kids still think I'm cool. After working with them for 25 years, I deeply understand their senses of humor (and how they’re totally different at each age) to make their learning experience really fun.
  • Canadian Guidelines for Sexual Health Education. My approach reflects best practices. The content is up-to-date and relevant in the world your kids are living in.
  • Thoughtful, inclusive language. My goal is to ensure your kid feels heard and seen, and not just if they’re cis or straight.
  • Bite-sized, digestible videos. I know all about short attention spans. That's why I've broken the workshops into little chunks. Plus, this gives you a chance to debrief with your kids as you work your way through the content at your own pace.
  • Answers to ALL your kids’ FAQS. Each age group comes with a whole different set of questions. From "Where do babies come from?" to "When will I get boobs?" to "What's an orgasm?"...I got you covered.   
  • Valuable content for kids AND parents. Wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall to hear what your kid is learning at school? Now you can! You have a unique sneak peek into their sex ed, which gives you the tools and language to have the conversations you want to be there for.  
  • Word-for-word scripts. Parents ask me all the time: "Can you tell me exactly how to say it?". So that's what I've done. I’ll spoon feed you with scripts to answer even the stickiest of questions!

We know we can’t be everything for our kids…  Sometimes you just gotta call in for backup — and that’s Body Science Online! 

Because sometimes all your kid needs is to hear things from a non-parent… Or in just a slightly different way to reinforce its importance. 

Consider me your reinforcement for the meaningful messages you want your kids to understand.

(Just ask the parents who can’t believe I got their Grade 4 kids to finally shower!)

Body Science Online sets your child up to be: 

✅ At reduced risk for sexual abuse
✅ Armed and prepared to make smart decisions about their body growing up
✅ Supported and empowered by the most important adults in their life: YOU
✅ Calmer and more at ease with who they are
✅ More embracing (and even appreciative!) of their changing body
✅ Courageous in standing up for themselves, for others, and what they believe in
✅ Comfortable with boundaries and practicing consent

Ready to help your child become a body scientist? Join us!

1-month unlimited access


Pay in full.


6-month unlimited access


or $85/month x 3.


Got questions? I’ve got answers!

“My daughter asked to watch them again!”

The videos were awesome! We watched them together and talked about it, and my 8 year old daughter was so engaged we ended up watching them all! She’s asked to watch them again on the weekend to see if any questions come up, and wanted me to tell you she liked how you were so funny but still gave great information

I really appreciate you creating these videos - such fabulous tools for parents and kiddos alike!

- Parent

“You are an awesome speaker and so nice!”

Your videos are awesome. I asked my class what they thought and they said you are an awesome speaker and so nice! They say you are very clear and make it easy for them to understand.

Grade 6 Teacher

A final note before you go…

I get it — your kids are growing up at lightening speed… and your conversations need to keep up with them. 

With my own girls, I remember telling them as preteens:

“It might feel uncomfortable, but I know you're mature enough to handle this conversation…”

Then I would take a deep breath and dive in, saying a bit more than I thought I needed to, a bit sooner than I thought I needed to. 

And guess what? Years later, they still come to me with their questions. And there’s nothing we can’t talk about (well, almost). 

I created Body Science Online to set the foundation for you to do the's your new buddy when it comes to sex ed!

Call me a dreamer, but I have visions of… 

  • Parent and kids watching the workshops together in their family room...sunshine streaming in, yummy snacks on hand, everyone cracking up at my jokes 
  • Parents pressing pause between each video to debrief, clear up misunderstandings, and share their own experiences of growing up
  • Kids begging to watch Saleema Smellypits in the puberty video “just one more time!”

If that sounds different than your experience of sex ed, it’s because Body Science Online IS different.

It’s the refresh button on what sex ed can look like — and it’s something families can now do together.

I want to personally support YOU in being your kids’ number one source of sexual health information. 

You don’t need to say or do things *exactly* like I suggest, but I want to provide you with the language, the right tools and a starting point for these important conversations.

Let’s make it so they keep coming to YOU with their questions. 

Knowledge is power, and your kids deserve access to both.

So, if you want to:

🎉 Provide your kids with the nuts and bolts of what they need to know at each stage of their development

🎉 Establish a common language to use in future sex ed conversations

🎉 Call in support to reinforce the messages you’re already conveying at home

THIS is the springboard, cheat sheet and bank of scripts for the discussions you need to have to meet your kids’ needs and curiosity.

I know you’re here because you truly want the best for them — and trust me, so do I. 

Whether you’ve got Body Science Online or not, know that your kids are incredibly smart, capable and so lucky to have you as their guide in life. 

It would be an honor to be your partner in the sexual health part of their journey…I know you got the rest!

All my best, 

- Saleema 💗

1-month unlimited access


Pay in full.


6-month unlimited access


or $85/month x 3.


“I am a HUGE fan!”

My daughter gave the session a big thumbs up. She wasn't at all awkward while watching your videos!! 

We all were impressed by how approachable, genuine, reassuring, and trustworthy you were, and how you answered questions in a way that wouldn't make the kids feel uncomfortable so thank you so much for that!! I am a huge fan now. 

Your work is so important in laying the groundwork for our kids to empower themselves.

Thank you again!

- Parent