"I wish everyone I know who has a preteen could have watched this! The chat was so active with people really identifying with what you were saying. People were LOVING it...this was super informative and useful, and I'm telling everyone who will listen that they need this course."

Parent, British Columbia, Canada

"I just finished Saleema’s workshop and I need to share it with all of you! Don’t wait on this one! It was insightful, informative and I feel a lot more confident as we head into the pre-teen years. "

Parent, Alberta, Canada

This masterclass is a must take if…

■ You want to better understand what these three struggles are about.

■ You want to have meaningful conversations with your preteen about growing up.

■ You want concrete, easy to implement tips on what to do and say to support them.

"THANK YOU SO MUCH for making me feel like a SUPERMOM!"

Parent, British Columbia, Canada

The preteen years are no joke. Bodies begin to change, the need for independence gets real, and pornography is a click away. Peer and media pressures are around every corner, and the simplicity of childhood begins to get, well, complicated.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed -  and sometimes, you need to bring in back-up. That’s me!

I certainly don’t claim to have all the answers, but my team of educators and I have the benefit of getting the inside scoop on preteens because we work with them everyday. And no matter where we’re teaching, there are 3 struggles that rise to the top of our conversations. I want to offer some things you can do and say to support your preteen through these. I want to offer you a game plan. 

Sound good? Then choose the time that works best for you and join me.

See you soon!

Saleema 💗