I thought it was great. Well organized, full of information and full of positivity. I felt hopeful for the first time in a long time. Thank you.

Saleema was so personable and made these stressful situations seem less daunting. Her information was clear, concise and very user friendly.

Approaching difficult subjects in a ‘light and easy way’. I appreciate the many examples she gave and I will be using all the handouts.

Saleema will offer you a game plan for supporting your preteen around the top 3 things they tell us they struggle with:

Managing social media

How it impacts their self-esteem, their friendships, and their relationship with you.

Coping with body changes

Puberty, and how this affects body image.


How to stand up for themselves in tough situations.

This masterclass is a must take if…

You feel discouraged by the eye rolls and the "I know, Mom!"s

You have all the talks about all the but you're not sure your message always lands

You feel overwhelmed...there's so much you want to talk about but how to even start?


You want to better understand what these three struggles are about.

You want to have meaningful conversations with your preteen about growing up.

You want concrete, easy to implement tips on what to do and say to support them.

"Dynamic, engaging. Funny. Excellent slides too. Really appreciated how she stayed within time allotment. Respect. "


"Love Saleema. Always candid and funny."


"I like how Saleema made suggestions for ways of talking with your child so they don’t shut down."

The preteen years are no joke. Bodies begin to change, the need for independence gets real, and pornography is a click away. Peer and media pressures are around every corner, and the simplicity of childhood begins to get, well, complicated.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed -  and sometimes, you need to bring in back-up. That’s me!
I certainly don’t claim to have all the answers, but my team of educators and I have the benefit of getting the inside scoop on preteens because we work with them everyday. And no matter where we’re teaching, there are 3 struggles that rise to the top of our conversations. I want to offer some things you can do and say to support your preteen through these. I want to offer you a game plan. 

Sound good? Then choose the time that works best for you and join me.

See you soon!

- Saleema 💗